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  1. Easy way to convert svn repository to git

    To quickly convert svn repo to git (with history), all you need is:

    git svn clone my_svn_adddress

    But, you'll probably also want to convert old svn usernames to git author names + e-mails. You can do that with -A switch:

    git svn clone my_svn_adddress -A users.txt

    users.txt example ...

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  2. Zsh named directories

    Zsh has a useful feature called Named directories.

    Usage is simple, you can define it with hash command:

    hash -d my_dir=/home/user/some/deep/directory/structure

    Now you can use it like normal directory, just add prefix \~:

    cd ~my_dir
    cp ~my_dir/file.txt /other_dir/
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  3. Starting new project with yiiframework

    This is the procedure I use for creating new projects with yiiframework:

    Download latest code from http://www.yiiframework.com

    cd ~/tmp
    wget http://yii.googlecode.com/files/yii-1.1.5.r2654.tar.gz
    tar xzvf yii-1.1.5.r2654.tar.gz

    Create a new directory for the project ...

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